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- MSc Erasmus Mundus in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDFOR)041
INTERUNIVERSTITY MASTER'S DEGREES (registration in another university)
- MSc in Environmental Nanotechnology (EnvironNano)041





MSc in Agronomic EngineeringMEA

This Master's Degree trains professionals for the agrifood sector with the same legal capacity as the former Agronomical Engineer. The Master's Degree is structured into a set of scientific and professionally oriented compulsory credits lasting one academic year. The professional profile is designed to train professionals for the agrifood sector with managing and planning capability and skills for designing, drawing up projects, innovating and doing research. Training in these competences will be complemented with a scientific and technical deepening in one of the fields of agrifood specialisation (Plant production, Animal production, Agrifood industries, Rural engineering, Environmental management or Agricultural economics).


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MSc in Soil and Water Management MGeSolsAigues(biennial)

This Master's core objective is to train in the principles and methods of soil and water management that provide with the physical conditions and availability of water and nutrients suitable for the development and economic production of crops, prevent the environment's degradation and protect the environmental functions of both resources. The professional possibilities upon the Master's completion are research, teaching or administration in the public and private sectors in in areas related to inventory and evaluation of natural resources (soil and water) in the framework of the global climate change. Some examples are production resource, components of ecosystems, the management of areas affected by environmental alterations such as mining, pollution, building and urban or industrial development, among others.
This is an interuniversity Master's degree and it involves the following universities: University of Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and the University of Navarra.


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MSc in Management and Innovation in the Food Industry MGIAlimentaria

This professional Master's degree trains technically oriented graduates in close contact with the sector’s industry. The graduates become competent at managing industrial procedures quality and efficient operation. Graduates have the competence to promote industrial innovation in a highly competitive environment.


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MSc in Plant Breeding MMillorVegeta

The aim of this Master's Degree is for graduates to understand the principles of modern plant breeding, including genomics; to get to know the different selection and breeding processes and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, according to the characteristics of cultivated species, the objectives of breeding and the environmental conditions. Graduates will also learn how to integrate conventional techniques and newer methods into a breeding program that contribute to greater efficiency in the selection process and the development of new varieties, and will learn how to design a breeding program for a given species in a set of conditions typical for a country or region, according to a set of specific objectives.

With the participation of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ)


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MSc in Integrated Pest ManagementMProteccioCultius

The Integrated Pest Management Master’s Degree meets the need of having professionals capable of making decisions about pest control, plant disease and weeds in agriculture with the necessary economic, toxicological and environmental criteria. There is also a need of researchers capable of developing and applying new human health and environmentally safe control methods. Master’s students can follow a professional career or a research career with more emphasis on scientific research methods.

Interuniversity Master’s Degree with Universitat Jaume I.


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MSc in Swine Health and Production M porquets

The aim of this Master's Degree is to train technically and economically efficient technicians who can contribute to the pig production chain with environmentally friendly production techniques that also grant animal welfare. Training is envisaged to providing students with a set of professional competences, such as making diagnosis and analysis of equipment in animal housing for pig production; carrying out animal welfare audits; laying out animal feeding plans; assessing technical, economic and health management; planning for disease prevention and eradication and designing and carrying out epidemiological studies.

Interuniversity Master’s Degree with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Zaragoza, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


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MSc in Forest EngineeringMEF

In the Master’s degree in Forest Engineering we train professionals for the design, innovation and management of the forests and rural environment. Special emphasis is placed on the management of renewable natural resources (mainly vegetation, fauna and landscape) hence, on the design and execution of strategies for resource management, industrial use, protection and restoration. This Master’s degree provides with the capacity of the former Forest Engineering degree as established by Ministerial Order CIN/326/2009.


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MSc European Forestry MEuroForesty

MSc European Forestry is a top class taught masters programme in the field of forest sciences. The quality of the programme was acknowledged by the European Commission, which awarded the MSc European Forestry an Erasmus Mundus status for years 2004-2014.

The MSc European Forestry programme provides academic education in forestry focusing on the international dimension of sustainable forest management issues. The programme is an extra dimension to the already existing educational markets in forestry and nature management in Europe. In this programme, European forestry universities collaborate intensively to offer joint courses as well as their existing curricula, based on the knowledge and experience of forest management for which European forestry was the cradle already centuries ago.

The MSc European Forestry programme responds to the increasing number of issues in forest and nature management at international as well as national levels, which provide a whole range of new challenges and demands for policy making and management at the national, European and wider international level. The European view on forest management is well founded both in the latest research results as well as centuries of experience.

Our graduates are amongst the most sought after in the field by national and international employers alike.

The majority of our graduates are currently employed around the world by organisations such as:

- Forest and nature management agencies and governmental bodies
- Research institutions
- Forest enterprises in paper and pulp industries and saw milling
- Environmental NGO's

Joint programme with:

- Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences (AgroParistech ENGREF), França,

- University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu, Finlàndia (universitat coordinadora),

- University of Freiburg, Alemanya, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU),

- Suècia Wageningen University, Països Baixos,

- University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna(BOKU), Àustria


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MSc in Integrated Planning for Rural Development and Environmental ManagementMGestio medi ambient

Students of this Master’s will learn the basic principles of the rural environment systems and their physic, socioeconomic, legal and institutional subsystems. Students will become familiar with the applicable methods and techniques at different stages of a rural planning project, and will be able to put forward alternative land uses in different conditions after assessing opportunity feasibility. Students will acquire first-hand experience in solving specific problems that experts are faced with in the execution of rural development programmes and the environmental management.

This Master’s program has a practical orientation and trains on the characteristics of the different Mediterranean natural and rural ecosystems, and provides with the necessary understanding of the basic problems facing resource management through system approach techniques. Rural planning problems are approached within the current regional, national and international socioeconomic framework.

Taught in cooperation with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ).


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MSc in Wildland Fire Science and Integrative Managementbomber

The official MSc in WILDLAND FIRE SCIENCE AND INTEGRATIVE MANAGEMENT MSc) is taught jointly by the University of Lleida (Coordinating partner), the University of Cordoba and the University of León.

This MSc’s aim is to contribute to train highly qualified professionals to meet the social demand for the emergency management in wildland fires. The management of wildland fire defence programmes, and firefighting activities is closely related to the application of the emergency command system (SMEIF).


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